Creative Agency Dada

In the grand scheme, we are your marketing buddies. We create brands and campaigns and produce everything necessary to promote them successfully. We can do the bulk of the work with our team, but if necessary, we can involve other masters to ensure the best end product. We’ve been successful in the advertising world for over twenty years, so we know what we’re doing. We are Creative Agency Dada, once an advertising agency, but now we are simply more creative. The following is a brief summary of the main work of Creative Agency Dada.

Video Production

Our film-forging forge is where the magic happens! We produce films of different lengths and degrees of difficulty – commercial films, drone clips, TV commercials, product videos… In other words, we do proper video production. Here are some examples that give a little idea of ​​the style that Creative Agency Dada has.

2D and 3D Animations

Ever seen a pixel do the tango? Yeah, we can turn your ordinary objects into disco kings or queens. Of course, we also make corporate videos, and to be honest, we have made more of those. Other than that they say that we have a lot of awesome animations. Take a look!